In line with the problems that exist in Jakarta, ranging from congestion, untidiness and other, pushing Jakpro as enterprises to develop their business through diversification of business in the field of infrastructure started in 2006 by starting to invest in toll roads, namely the Access Road Toll Priok and also given the task by the provincial government of Jakarta to the arrangement of the Towers BTS in Jakarta. And until now Jakpro have invested in some of the toll road and also the development and management of BTS in Jakarta.

Until now JAKPRO has invested in several Toll Roads and also the construction and management of BTS in the DKI Jakarta area. Jakpro’s subsidiaries engaged in Infrastructure and ICT (Information Communication and Technology) are PT Jakarta Infrastructure Propertindo, PT Jakarta Marga Jaya and PT Jakarta Akses Tol Priok.

Project infrastructure And ICT  :
♦ Jalan Tol JORR W2 Utara atau Ruas (Kebon Jeruk – Ulujami)
♦ 6 (Ruas) Ruas Jalan Tol Dalam Kota
♦ Menara BTS dan Microcell
♦ Digital Signage
♦ Formula E
♦ LRTJ Velodrome – Kelapa Gading