To support the program and the mission of the Jakarta provincial government in waste management, water supply, and the availability of electricity and energy in Jakarta. Jakpro as corporate enterprises has also conducted and expanding its business into several businesses such as the Clean Water Management, build SPBGs and MRU for transport in several locations in Jakarta as well as the provision of electricity and plans to build electric Power Plant to meet in Jakarta.
In addition Jakpro has subsidiaries engaged in consulting services planning, layout and architecture as well as other consulting services.
The subsidiary Jakpro engaged in Utilities are PT Jakarta Utilities Propertindo, and PT Jakarta Energi Utama.

Oil & Gas:
– SPBU Mampang
– SPBE Teluk Gong
– SPBG Hek Kramat Jati
– SPBG Kampung Rambutan
– SPBG Tanah Merdeka
– SPBG Perintis Kemerdekaan
– SPBG Rawa Buaya
– SPBG MRU (mobile refuelling unit) online Pluit
– KSO SPBG Ancol
– SPBU Kapuk Kamal
– Fuel Cell Ancol

– Aston Pluit
– Pluit Junction
– Grand Cempaka
– D'Arcici Plaza
– D'Arcici Hotel Sunter
– D'Arcici Sport Sunter
– D'Arcici Plumpang
– Muara Karang

WTP (Water Treatment Plant)
– WTP Kanal Banjir Barat